Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Simple Speeds different from other feeds and speeds calculators?

  1. Simple Speeds is designed specifically for entry level and non-industrial CNC routers. Most other speed and feed calculators are designed for metal working machines, CNC milling machines, and professional or industrial machines. Entry level CNC routers aren't built as strongly and lack the stiffness to be able to follow feed and speed recommendations for professional machines.
  2. Simple Speeds optimizes the results for your specific make and model of CNC router.
  3. Simple Speeds puts user experience first and has automated as much as possible to save you time. Other calculators require users to look up things like proper spindle speed, materials properties, or chip thinning.

Why do I need to sign up/sign in to use the calculator?

By creating a user account for you, the calculator can remember your machine information and commonly used input parameters to save you time and make things even simpler for you!

There are more features planned that will make your life easier by having you sign in.

Which CNC routers does the calculator support?

The calculator currently supports the following machines and we will continue adding more. Send us a request to add your machine.

  • To Be Updated...

Can I use this with my homemade CNC router that I designed and built myself?

Yes! Send a message and we'll work with you to characterize your machine and add it to your account.

Will this calculator work for my CNC milling machine or industrial router?

You can certainly calculate speeds and feeds for those machines, but it is not optimized for those use cases. To keep things simple for our users, we intentionally focused on only one market segment.

Does this calculator need to integrate with other software? How does it fit into my normal workflow?

Simple Speeds is a standalone calculator. The results that it provides should be manually entered into your favorite CAM software as you are defining an operation.


If your question is not answered here, please ask: [email protected]